Pawhuska and Waco

Lots of movies.  Lots of driving.  Lots of laughs.  This past week, we took a family road trip to Pawhuska, Oklahoma to visit The Pioneer Woman‘s Mercantile.   My mom visited the store a few weeks earlier and planned a quick trip for everyone to shop and sightsee. My grandparents and aunt are also a fan of Ree Drummond’s blog and cooking show, so the trip turned into a big family min-vacation!  Plus, it’s only an 8 hour drive so it was a great 2-3 day trip. 
We ended up with 13 people between the cousins, grandparents, and my family – all packed into two cars.  The cousins left Tuesday morning for an impromptu college visit, and we left early Wednesday morning with my grandparents.
(Also: I recommend reading Sentinel – it was a fantastic read and made the car ride go much much faster!)

Eight hours later, once in Pawhuska, we met up with the cousins and checked out The Mercantile for a few minutes.  Afterward, we headed over to an old suspension bridge down the street.   It was built in 1926 and was CRAZY.   Although it was redone in the 1970s, it’s still got all the old charm:  shaky chain link railing, loose boards, creaking wood underfoot…. it probably didn’t help there were 10 people crossing, jumping up and down and trying to make it swing.  But definitely a super neat site!

We checked into our hotels after dinner and relaxed for the evening. The girls and I ended up playing blind dictionary on the beds for about two hours between taking weird Snapchat photos.  
The next morning, we drove from our hotels a few blocks away and ate a staggered breakfast at The Mercantile restaurant as people slowly woke up. You can’t beat homemade biscuits and gravy and pancakes early in the morning! They had a small bakery upstairs with coffee and treats and a lounge area in to rest.  The store was remodeled in such a neat, neat building with huge curving windows and old painted brick. This town definitely gave me some inspiration for my story set in the early 1940s!  Small main street, painted signs, and TONS and TONS Of distressed painted brick walls. 
The boys all got haircuts from a tiny local shop nearby while we strolled around town visiting the shops and winding down for the car ride home.

After a sandwich lunch, we drove 3/4 of the way home to Waco, Texas.   Early the next morning, we visited The Silos at Magnolia Market – a cute home store and yard.  It was built by a localcouple who have a home renovation TV show, Fixer Upper. Both times I’ve been, they’ve made some major changes so it’s always fun to see what they have!  They recently added food trucks and a large grass yard with frisbees and balls for the kids while the parents shop.  
Their shops is ALWAYS busy and you end up apologizing for bumping into someone every 30 seconds, but it is such a cute little store.  We came home with quite a few items! 

After a couple hours, we all parted ways and headed home to relax and get ready for Easter weekend.   So much fun 🙂

How was your weekend? How did you celebrate Easter?


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  1. That looks like so much fun! This year, Easter was also my birthday, so I celebrated with my family and then watched Rogue One with my best friend ^_^ I love little towns.

  2. WHY ARE ALL YOUR PICTURES SO BEAUTIFUL?!?!? This looks like such an awesome trip. Sometimes impromptu is the best <3 And that town looks scrumptious!! So glad you were able to do that. And I'm so happy that you enjoyed Sentinel 😀

    Easter was nice. Church, family, and candy 😉

    • AHH thank you, Abi <3 And absolutely - impromptu makes it so much more fun! YAS it was a fantastic book. Now I have to get the second one!

      Three of the best things in life 😉

  3. JULIA says:

    ackkkk! this made me so happy!! <33 lovely photos

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