5 things at school i can’t live without

Because your dorm is your home away from home, it’s nice to make it a place that feels like a home. In my dorm room tour post (here), I snapped shots of my side of the room and showed how I made it my own (which has actually changed quite a bit this semester).

In case you didn’t know, I live for comfy blankets and random plants. If I had the space, I would probably fill the entire room with indoor plants, putting them on just about every surface near the window.

Hey, just another thing to look forward to in an apartment – a little more room for plants and pets yes. In my current school room, however, there a few things I couldn’t survive without.

I went through a million packing lists before I came to college. Most of them were way too extensive, which makes it hard to decide exactly what you need to bring. But, throughout the semester, I discovered you really don’t need to bring a million things to school. Besides essentials like bedding and bathroom gear, here are 5 things I found extremely helpful my first semester.

1. my planner.

My oh my, I would never get anything done without my planner. Even on days where I don’t have tons to do, I’m terrified I’m forgetting SOMETHING.

I found this planner on Amazon and love, love, love it.

2. to do lists.

A secret santa from school got me this adorable avocado notebook (EEK can’t get over it) which has become my new to do list book.

I have lists for school-related activities, novel work, goals, and even some recipes. Especially if I have lots of little tasks, I can’t make myself crawl out of bed and start without seeing what needs to be done for the day.

3. warm clothes = necessities.

Blankets and sweatshirts and socks. The rooms here are freezing. I ended up lugging two more blankets from home because it gets so freezing if it’s even a little bit warm outside. Somehow the classrooms are hot though?

4. cute mugs + drinks.

Earl grey tea + french vanilla creamer = the perfect go-to breakfast drink. Or hey, hot chocolate works too. Especially with how cool it’s been the last couple months.

I LOVE mugs. I may not have that many, but I overuse the ones I have. This one is one of my favorites…

5. the extra curriculars.

Not technically a thing but, hey, it works! I love the classes, but honestly not many people are happy just sitting around and only doing school.

To name a few hobbies I’ve tried to keep up with this past semester:

  • Writing a book. (YES sending out the last chapter to alphas this weekend!)
  • Designing graphics/PR work. I’ve done a lot more of this recently: logos, social media, weekly trivia for Instragram accounts, etc.
  • Snapping photos. I can’t wait to put my new camera to use this year.
  • Joining school organizations. Yes. Yes. Yes.

So there you have it: my 5 biggest items. A quick, little post this week.

What is your go-to drink? What is the biggest thing you would/or did bring to college?


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6 responses to “5 things at school i can’t live without”

  1. Zane Jones says:

    I LOVE the avocado notebook. So cute!

  2. yesss I love these 🙂 especially mugs. I always take the train to school so Im scared to bring mugs with me, but I miss having them.

    this was so cute and I appreciated it

    • Madison says:

      I initially didn’t bring mugs to class (just a travel mug), but I gave up sometime this semester and started lugging a mug into my early morning class… thank you, Faith!

  3. Hanne T says:

    Ooh so helpful! I’m getting ready to move to a dorm (in the fall, so a while still but it’s coming up) and I’m definitely going to keep these in mind! I’ve really been getting into making lattes/cappuccinos lately, and they’ve been great for the FREEZING weather we’ve had recently!

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