This post is a little random and very unorganized.  Sorry in advance! School started this week, and somehow I already have 2 papers, 100+ pages to read, and German vocabulary to learn all from the first day.  YAY.   So I promise I will actually crank out some content soon 😛

The other day I was working on R+B and wrote a specific scene and suddenly got excited about the story again. Excited to write the plot twists and favorite minor characters and details.  Don’t you just love it when that happens??  I had a few other ideas pulling at me, but seeing how far I’ve come in R+B and rereading ideas for future scenes really locked it in.

And I’ve discovered that writing without a big villain is more fun than I thought.  I have plans for a couple big…events…. but other than that, the focus is on a girl trying to find her way in the wilderness.

Plus I LOVE writing the two MCs <3 .  They both have chapters in their POV which is new for me.

This made me want to write another whole blog post on it, but then I didn’t because I realized I probably mention this story every.  five.  seconds. (especially if you follow me on Twitter)  And I actually posted a “peak inside the story” for R+B almost exactly 6 months ago…  AND I’m sure it doesn’t sound as exciting to you guys as it does to me.

SO in honor of not writing another rant about R+B (too late?), I made myself make mood collages and aesthetics instead.  It’ll also be a little update since the story has changed so much since the first post about it.  So enjoy these aesthetics somuchfuntomakegosh that are protecting you from yet another rant!  Also, if you missed my post on making collages, check it out here.

Levi’s shop

Ruth Ross

Harrison Boaz

Lastly, here are a couple play on loop while I’m writing R+B.  If you can’t tell, I listen to a variety of music ha.

  • My Way by Frank Sinatra
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John
  • The Harvester by Brandon Heath
  • House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots
  • Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra
  • Falling by Chris Mann
  • Bad Day by Daniel Powter

If that didn’t entirely bore you, I always share something like this on my newsletters!  AKA rants and pictures and story features and informal writing.  There’s a sign up link in the side bar, and I only send one out once a month.

Now excuse me while I write down the 494817454 things I need to do… have a great week!


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4 responses to “aesthetics”

  1. Zane Jones says:

    Hey, I like rants. Just sayin’.

    Also, I loved your aesthetics! <33

  2. Lisa says:

    Fly Me To The Moon? That one has been playing so much here recently xD and is Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King? Lovely aesthetics <3 and hey I'd love to hear more about R & B! I've only been here a couple of months!

    • Madison says:

      Yesss I have those on loop constantly. Aw thanks! I’m attempting to cut back on it so if I ever publish, there’s not already a million posts about it…

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