Blog Tour // Andora’s Folly by Abigayle Claire

Drumroll, please…… today is the day ANDORA’S FOLLY IS PUBLISHED!  Go, Abi.  This is Abigayle Claire’s second published book; her first was Martin Hospitality.   I had the opportunity to read Andora’s Folly as a beta reader, and it is so good.  So so good.

Do you love medieval castles, beautiful damsels, mysteries, horses, humor, and strong men?  If so, you’ll love this new story!

And now for the beautiful cover:


A Pandora’s Box retelling

Andora is a beautiful young woman with insatiable curiosity. Raised in splendor, she is spoiled by her privileged life. When a love letter is slid under her door, her life takes a drastically unromantic turn. Nothing makes sense—her arranged marriage, the gifts her parents bestow on her wedding day, or her new husband’s temperament.

As Andora begins to unravel the mysteries around her, she ignites a chain of events that have the power to sabotage her entire village forever. Only her new-found wisdom as a desperate peasant’s wife can save her from her folly.


Eek, doesn’t that sound fun?  You can buy the book on Amazon below and don’t forget to rate it on Goodreads and Amazon!  If you love visuals like I do, check out Abigayle’s Pinterest board for Andora’s Folly.  Visuals are everything 😀



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Congrats, Abi!!


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9 responses to “Blog Tour // Andora’s Folly by Abigayle Claire”

  1. Emma Grace says:

    Ooh! This book looks really good! I can’t wait to read it one day. 🙂 Great post Maddy!

    • AHH doesn’t it though?? Abigayle creates such intriguing little worlds 😀

      Thank you, Emma!

      • Emma Grace says:

        I have never read any of her writing, but from what I have heard, she is excellent.

        Do you prefer being called Maddy or Madison (or Madison Grace ;)). I called you Maddy… I keep think of your other blog Miss Maddy Cakes… So yeah. Weird question, I know, but I like to call people by the name they prefer. 🙂

        • She is very excellent!

          Totally not a weird question, don’t worry. I’ve probably confused everyone who doesn’t know me with all the name changes…in fact, I’ll probably go change everything to the same name right after this just to make it clearer. Maddy Cakes was a name my mom and I came up with for a little baking business (it sounded like Patty Cakes?), but back then I didn’t go by Maddy. Just Madison.

          Now, about half the people I know call me Maddy – I guess it’s easier for coworkers to remember? 😀 And honestly I really like Maddy, but to answer your question I introduce myself as Madison. So either one!

          And thank you for following my blog all the way from Miss Maddy Cakes! <3

  2. Lisa says:

    Looks so nice!

    <3 Lisa

  3. Thank you so much for this post, Madison!! <3 You're so sweet and you did an awesome job. 🙂 And thank you for sharing all the information that you did! So many people go bare bones (which is fine), but I LOVE this 😀 Your review has also been one of my favorites (shhh don't tell anyone!) 😉

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