author confession: october edition

Madison confession: this was definitely not the post I was planning on posting today but my planned post wasn’t quite ready so this one jumped in. Plus, it’s already nearly 10 pm here and I just realized my post wasn’t scheduled??

First off, NaNoWriMo is in full swing (if you can call 4 days full swing) and I love it. Having failed the last few challenges like this, I was a little worried I would write the first day….and then never again like the last time. BUT NOPE

Yesterday was a great writing day. I had class in the morning, finished one of my roommate’s books, then started to write around lunch. I spent the rest of the day writing with a tea nearby and managed 9,765 words. Yes, yes, yes. 

Okay, back to the real point of this post:

Those of you on Twitter have probable seen #authorcofession floating around this past month.  Every day in October, writers on twitter were supposed to respond to a prompt with #authorconfession tagged on the end.  And because it was October, there were plenty of fun questions involving Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, and scary movies 😀 If you want to check it out for a future WIP month, the awesome #AC hosts are @_JM_Sullivan and @jjulien25.

I started off strong, but around day 20, I honestly forgot about it…whoops

So instead of finishing it off on Twitter, I picked my favorite prompts and answered them below!

Introduce your MC for this month.

Since I’ve chewed your ears off about R+B, I chose The Stone Brothers for this month, despite not actually working on the story at the moment. Maybe next NaNo… the stars of this novel are Elijah and Jack Stone, two brothers (duh) who accidentally join an underground organization in the middle of a huge rivalry. There may be cameos from Elijah’s two sons. Thinking about a dual timeline type thing?

Does your MC have a nickname?

I gave it away in the collage above, but the guys call Elijah “Eli.” Other than that, they don’t have a nickname. Maybe “Jackie?”

Your MC is now a Marvel superhero. Cape or no cape?

Eli would say no capes. They’re impractical and get in your way. The only reason he might have one would be if he needed some extra warmth and it was made of a dark wool, easy to conceal himself behind and low-profile.

Jack? YES. Capes are cool.

What is your MC’s secret weapon?

Jack’s secret weapon is that he’s actually pretty good at problem-solving. Despite pretending to be an all-or-nothing type guy without thinking before he speaks, he has a brain and can use it.

Your MC has the most powerful weapon in the world. What do they do with it?

Eli would be a little paranoid and hide it away for safe keeping in case they ever need it (he would pray they wouldn’t ever need it). Jack would stumble upon it and not knowing what it was, fool around and accidentally use it. *cue glass breaking and a cat screeching off camera*

Share the last line you wrote.

Considering this story is only 2+ pages of ideas, this is one of the only lines written..

Who does your MC call when they’re in trouble?

Each other. So they’re kinda in deeper trouble if they are in trouble at the same time. Ha.

How does your MC feel about pumpkin spice everything?

Eh, they don’t really have a preference. Coffee is coffee, so as long as Starbucks has drinks that will keep them awake, all is right in the world.

Boo! Any scary moments in your WIP?

YES YES YES. At least I hope it will come across as scary. Lots of hand-to-hand combat and maybe some “supernatural” elements. Or things that seem supernatural….honestly, who knows? Not me 😛

Happy Halloween! What/Who is your MC dressed as?

Mmm….Jack would dress up as something cool, yet surprising. He might dress up as Danny from Grease, only to have the other guys in the book bug him about why he’s seen Grease.

Eli would go as something simple, like one of Jim’s costumes from The Office.

Have you participated in any Twitter challenges? What do you think about posting weekly NaNo summaries? How is NaNo going for you?


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