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I’ve gone through so many blog designs in the past year and a half.  Most were free WordPress templates with a custom header I threw together with PicMonkey.

I changed the header almost monthly without thinking about whether it was “nice” or not.

Lemme tell you, going through all those headers on my computer makes me cringe.   They’re all so awful haha.  They never looked professional and I could never get it to look perfect.

I recently stumbled upon a girl who sells blog designs for both WordPress and Blogger.  They’re BEAUTIFUL.  One of the blogs I follow (The Little Duckwife) uses her designs and I purchased the same design for my blogiversary, because I loved how many pictures the front page featured.

I just love how crisp and professional her themes are. And I especially like the Instagram feed at the bottom of this theme!  Her website is Kotryna Bass Design.

You absolutely have to check her out.  Kotryna also has her own blog where she posts tips and tutorials on creating, maintaining, and personalizing your own blog.

I’m currently using her “La Rochelle” WordPress theme.  She recently offered a 50% sale for all her subscribers and I already bought a new theme for next year!


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