calling all alpha readers // it’s finally time!

In honor of the new month, I am looking for alpha readers!  To be honest, it’s in honor of my birthday in a few weeks because I want to push finishing this story before I’m old and gray.  Seriously how is this year flying by??

But whatever the reason: AHH ALPHAS.  Ready or not.

I’ve mentioned finding alpha readers for the past few weeks, and I finally decided to jump in and just do it.  Is the story finished?  No.  Am I ready to hand my work over?  No.  Is this jumbled draft readable? Probably hopefully maybe.  Should I do it anyway?


As you’ve probably already guessed, the lucky novel is my Ruth and Boaz retelling:  R+B.

romance, Christian, historical  

Ruth Ross is far too young to be a widow.   When her grieving mother-in-law Margaret announces she’s traveling back to her hometown, it doesn’t make life easier. Following Margaret into the Alaskan wilderness, Ruth must learn how to survive in a town with a surplus of rough trackers and miners where the only gentleness is in the peaceful stream flowing beside her tent.


Born and raised in a cabin outside a growing Alaskan town, Harrison Boaz’s life changes when his father decides to give him the family business.  He soon discovers this new responsibility to drain his freedom and squash his mountain adventures out of existence. Fighting the tug of the wilderness, Harrison struggles to fulfill his duty of keeping the family business strong. 

The novel is not finished yet.  So those of you who want to read it will be getting it chapter by chapter as I write it.  There may be days between emails, there may be weeks.  Please keep that in mind. 

Here are my guidelines:

  • You will provide honest, yet kind feedback.  I want you to tell me what’s wrong or doesn’t fit, but try to be kind 🙂 . I’ll include a few specific questions at the end of every chapter, but you can comment throughout the document as well.
  • You will stick with it.  I completely understand if the story isn’t your thing or if something comes up.  But if you sign up and like the story, try not to fall too far behind. I won’t be working on your comments until the entire draft is finished, but I may need to improve certain things in future chapters based on your feedback.
  • You have some experience writing or editing.  The draft is going to be rough and inconsistent.  I need people who can help me really improve the story for round 2!  If you haven’t alpha/beta read before but enjoy/have some experience writing, you can still sign up!

If you fit those criteria and are willing to help me edit, fill out the form below! I will be closing it in a week and a half (September 20).

Once the week and a half are up,  I will send out an introductory email to let you know in a little more detail what I’m looking for and how everything is going to work.  Shortly after, I will send out the first chapter!

SO excited to work with you guys <3


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2 responses to “calling all alpha readers // it’s finally time!”

  1. Florid Sword says:

    Ahhh! I feel like I don’t have enough experience for what you’re looking for. But your story sounds amazing!

    • Madison says:

      Don’t hesitate to sign up if you’re interested, Faith! As long as you enjoy reading and writing, you’re set 🙂

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