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The first week of Camp NaNo is almost finished.  Besides not writing the first couple days, it’s going pretty swell! Words are coming a little faster while switching between my camp nano document and my original R+B document (gotta keep the camp nano word count “official” y’all).   So far I’ve just been writing a few random scenes that will take place sometime in the story, but I’m hoping to start stringing them all together this upcoming week.

One thing I’ve realized so far – I NEED A TITLE FOR R+B.  Another thing I’ve realized?  I can’t for the life of me come up with one…before the story finished.  So for now, we’re sticking with R+B or July Camp NaNo 2017 Unnamed or The Thing Which Shall Not Be Named.

How do you come up with a title for your stories??

Despite not having a real name yet, I’m ready to get this story written fast.  It’s been sitting on my imagination for so long, and I’m super excited to finish it while I have the free time to edit and (hopefully) find some readers.


I missed the first couple days of NaNo to volunteer at Camp Tejas, which is where I worked all of last summer.  Most of my friends from last year are now Team Leaders this summer so they get to carry around radios and look all official ha.

It was so much fun between trying to keep my one staff shirt clean for three days, facilitating a color war with paint and powder, playing mud games (below), and finding out I’d been using face sunscreen for deodorant on the last day.

Also, apparently I’ve become a wimp because I managed to get a few torn blisters and rope burns on my hands from working the water zip line. What happened to my helpful calloused hands?

 I got to meet lots of new staff and hang out with a few returners (plus a couple of church friends who started working at Tejas!). But three days was definitely enough free time before heading back home.

And of course July 4th was yesterday!  I always forget how much I love celebrating the fourth.  After yesterday, this holiday is definitely in my top two or three favorites.  Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show?

We spent the day hanging out around the house since we’d all recently returned from trips:  Tejas, dance camp, and a Civil Air Patrol encampment.  My dad played games with the little kids while the rest of us lounged on the couches and ate cookies.  Oh yes!

Later, we headed to the Round Rock Dell Diamond to watch a baseball game.  Can’t get more American than that! Watching baseball in person is so much more amazing than watching on the tv (sorry, Grandpa).  Of course we spent the big $$ on food since they decide to charge about triple, but we had a great time playing games while waiting for the game to start.

The themed games on the video cam were so much fun and I loved watching people laugh when they were screened and show off their best “simba lift,” muscles, smiles, dance moves, kisses – you name it!

Round Rock ended up losing, and everyone settled in for the big fireworks show around 10 pm.  My favorite part was how both the teams sprawled out on the field to watch.   And it was seriously one of the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen.  Loud, close enough that we could lay on our backs and watch, and long!

How was the fourth for everyone?


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  1. Zane Jones says:

    Looks like y’all had a great Independence Day!!! 😊 Good luck with Camp Nano – I’m glad we’re in the same cabin!

  2. Emma Grace says:

    What a fun Indepence day! Im sure y’all had a blast! Nope, you can’t get more American than Baseball. Do you mind if I, ahem, *cough* borrow this idea for a blog post? I was actually already thinking about doing something like this, but I don’t want it to seem like I am copying you. 🙂

    Naming stories is SO hard for me!! I can’t think up good ones for the life of me. I know some people who have a super easy time with it… I’m just like “Ummm…” 🙂 #writerproblems

    • Not at all, Emma! Feel free to use this post idea – updates aren’t copying at all 🙂

      Right?? I have a couple titles that I’ve some how come up with that I actually love, and then the rest of my stories are: R+B JNJ M+M etc…. oh well!

  3. Lisa says:

    I love coming up with titles! I kind of like to take it out of the story like quoting a phrase. Or I make the title symbolic. Or I use a phrase from a poem or a book or a verse or a cool quote. Something like a hidden reference!

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