#campnanocountdown: week 1

Camp NaNo is approaching very quickly.  I’ve participated in probably four or five NaNo events, but have only won one…when I was 13.  This July, I may not stick to the rules on one month but NaNo will definitely give me a push to finish a story!  Plus, no school and work? More time to reach the crazy goals.

One of the blogs I follow, Fishing For Ideas, is hosting his first link up YAY SO EXCITING.

Mini rant time:  Jonathan also wrote a guest post for me a few weeks ago about Christianity.  You can find it here.   If you’re a Christian writer, or not even a writer, his posts are great.  Definitely go follow his blog.

The next couple weeks, he’ll be posting questions for us to answer to prepare for the craziness of Camp NaNoWriMo.

 Seeing how I’ve failed and/or forgotten the last couple NaNo events, I love this link up!

Be sure to jump over to Jonathon’s blog (if you didn’t already) and follow him for more questions. This week’s question:

What will you be writing?

Whether or not I end up participating in Camp, I’ll be writing R+B sometime this summer.   I’ve already written a few thousand words, but made some major changes so I’ll be rewriting the beginning (and redoing the outline).  My goal is 75,000 words.

I’ve been working on R+B since around January, off and on.  It’s a historical fiction based on the biblical story of Ruth and Boaz.  Set in the late 1930s/early 1940s.  In wild Alaska.

So I’m expecting bears (and other large creatures), WWII soldiers, railroads, icy streams, bush planes, grimy trackers, and maybe a spy or two.  Oh yes, I’m excited!!

Here’s a little blurb:

Ruth Holmes is far too young to be a widow.   When her grieving mother-in-law Margaret announces she’s traveling back to her hometown, it doesn’t make life easier. Following Margaret into the Alaskan wilderness, Ruth must learn how to survive in a town with a surplus of rough trackers and little advancements where the only gentleness is in the peaceful stream flowing beside her tent.

Born and raised in a cabin outside a growing Alaskan town, Harrison Boaz’s life changes when he earns a share of his father’s farm land.  He soon discovers this new business to drain his freedom and squash his mountain adventures out of existence. Fighting the tug of the wilderness, Harrison struggles to fulfill his duty of keeping the family business strong as news of the war grows around him.


This will be my first time writing both a historical fiction and a romance so it could get fun ha.  Every time I’ve tried to force a romance, I always end up focusing on the friendships (ex. The Davidson Effect) and end up cutting the romantic interest.  They just never….fit?

And I’ve never attempted a retelling – I’m a little worried it will be too obvious, but who am I to care about that now?

It’s NaNo time!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Your story sounds splendid 😀 I love all things set in the north! And the pictures *gazes at them forever* And based on a Bible story? We need more of those! YES, I’M CHEERING YOU ON FOR CAMP NANO! Good luck!

  2. Zane Jones says:

    That sounds amazing! WW11 is just… yes. I’ve been falling in love with the 1940s-1960s lately. AND 1940s ALASKA??? I have never, ever read a book like that! It sounds awesome!

    This is completely off-topic, but do you have a subscribe button thing? I love your blog, but if I don’t get reminded by email I forget to look at it… Maybe I’m just overlooking it! 🙂

    • So have I! Aw, thank you 😀

      I do have a subscribe button, but it only shows up on the sidebar of a post (not the front page). And mobile viewing is weird…my sidebar shows up once you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. I’ve been setting up a new theme so the follow button is more obvious.

      YAY I’m excited you like it enough to want to follow!

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