costa rica part 2


The second day of the Costa Rica trip was packed; we visited a 200 ft waterfall, walked a few miles, climbed a volcano, and swam in hot springs (here’s a link if you missed part 1).   We also squeezed in a chocolate tour outside La Fortuna!

After grabbing lunch, we drove a few minutes outside the town to a small chocolate plantation.  Our tour guide Kevin showed us around the trees pointing out plants in his awesome thick accent.  He and his coworkers walked us through the process of making chocolate – from picking the pods to drying the seeds to roasting to mixing the grounds into hot chocolate!  Interesting fact: the white flesh around the seed tastes just like mangos! SO good.

Afterwards, we spent the evening relaxing at the hotel in the pool and jacuzzi.  It poured while we ate an american-style dinner and had the most amazing ice cream on earth.  We fell asleep around 7pm again and made an early start Wednesday morning.

We drove 5 hours to Manuel Antonio National Park to spend some time on the beach.  With a “beware of alligators” sign nearby, we decided to walk through the park after a few minutes in the water.  A couple of miles later, we made it to a little tropical lagoon.  Perfect sandy beach, palm trees along the lagoon, and turquoise water, anyone?? It MAY have inspired a new story…

and FINALLY we saw some monkeys!



After a day at the beach, we drove the 3 hours back to San Jose (after a couple pitstops for more delicious ice cream – I still don’t know how they do it!).  The next morning, we flew home to a nice quiet house since all the kids were still at summer camp.  Mom and I had such an amazing, packed 3-day adventure!  But I’m happy to be back and get ready for school (only 3 days ohmygosh).  Have you started school yet?


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  1. Emma Grace says:

    Oh my word! The monkeys! They are adorable! *squeals*

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! The pictures are gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Zane Jones says:

    Looks like you had a blast!! (: I loved seeing all the pictures!

    And yes, indeed, we have started school back. Sadly.

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