dorm room tour (aka an excuse to clean my room)

We’re already two months into school now.  Halfway done. Somehow.  I have no clue where the last few weeks have gone! To be honest,  it hasn’t been that bad.  The first week of school swamped all the freshman with papers and readings due immediately, but now everything is falling into a nice, busy schedule.

My classes don’t start until 10 am which is amazing. I have time to get up at 8 and slowly do my morning routine before taking my time to get to class (unless there’s an assignment due; that’s a whole other story).

Other than these classes, working a few hours a week, and the couple club meetings I’ve been to, I spend most of my time studying or netflix-ing in the dorm room.  Which is why I’ve been trying to make it as home-y and comfy as possible!

Dorm room pictures

The desk – I honestly do most of my school on my bed so I use my desk to hold all my textbooks, notes, handouts, supplies, makeup, and other items so I can reach them easily.  Underneath the desk is my pantry. AKA a wicker basket filled with somewhat healthy food (besides the chocolate chips and cereal in the front…).

I purchased new blankets, sheets, and pillows at the beginning of school and brought the green blanket to have something from home.

These paintings from target (i think) really really help since the white walls are a little cold.

I got the fabric backdrop in a FabFitFun box, and it’s actually a huge scarf.  But it’s Texas and so far – besides the hurricane weather – it hasn’t been below 60 so it’s now my dorm decor!  Once it get’s chillier I may have to snag it for walking to class and actually buy myself a new tapestry.

We attempted to liven up the space with a few plants which I have managed not to kill yet.  We’ll check back at the end of the semester and see how well they’re doing then….  also there’s only one picture so far on our decoration wall! But we do have some pumpkin decor since it’s October.

(A moment to appreciate all the awesome books my roommate brought to college!!)

And we bought a rug to really warm up the place.  Side note: make friends with football players who will offer to lift practically ALL your furniture up to put the rug in place while you stand and watch (and take pictures of the new rug to show your mom).

My room has not been this clean since I moved in (and even then, it was a lot bare-er so yay for lazy Saturdays and cleaning!).

university pictures

Because the campus is gorgeous I want to show you around the grounds. I only have a few pictures?? Definitely will have to fix that, but here are the couple I have:

How is the school year treating you so far?


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6 responses to “dorm room tour (aka an excuse to clean my room)”

  1. Florid Sword says:

    Your room is so homey and pretty! I love it! Hopefully when I go to college I can make my room attractive and not a trash dump…

    • Madison says:

      Thank you! Don’t worry, ours didn’t look too good at the beginning of the semester… but it’s been tons of fun making it more comfortable WITH my roommate 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    Your room is pretty. That’s nice you only have one roommate. What college are you at? The college my sister goes to can have up to four girls in the room.


    • Madison says:

      Thanks, Ashley! It’s awesome so far. We have two suite mates with a joint bathroom but don’t really see them too often.

      I’m at Southwestern University outside Austin, Texas! That could be fun; there are a few residence halls here that have the same format…

  3. Erin says:

    Your dorm looks so cozy! I love the pumpkins and wall art. 🙂 I think personalizing your room can really make it feel like home. Also, the campus looks LOVELY! <3

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