nanowrimo week 3

*More pictures of my sister from July because I’m looking at old photos in the middle of the night for some reason*

This week of NaNo was so so good. After losing NaNoWriMo the past few times, I’m finally going to win this thing again.

Despite having a set playlist for R+B to help get me motivated to write, I found listening to music hasn’t really helped recently. It’s been more of a distraction, even the neat big band non-vocal music from the 40s.

Although, I have started listening to Christmas music and that has been epic. Not while writing hehe. I’m one of those people who always loves Christmas music, no matter what month it is.

Selling Christmas decorations in stores the day after Halloween, however, is not cool. Just saying.

Back to writing: Days 10-12 were packed full of driving, birthday parties, staying up till 1am every night, and even more driving so I was so ready to have a good, relaxing writing week.

Day 13: 0

I ended up hurting my first couple toes on my left foot on day 11. I was playing soccer in Keds at a friend’s birthday party and decided to kick this guy’s foot as hard as I could. Granted, I was going for the ball and he just got in the way but…. I’m deciding to blame my word count on that since I was walking around with a crutch 😉

Honestly, though, school just took priority since I have my 5 hours of architectures on Mondays.

Day 14: 3899

World wars with some awesome Google Hangout people really helped to get me on a roll again. I got an x-ray and my swollen, bruised foot is just sprained so thank goodness for that!

Day 15: 745

Another slow writing day. I only had a couple of classes, but I never really sat down to write in my spare time either…

Day 16: 12638

This day was amazing and exhausting and exciting all in one. Lemme tell you something. World wars make a world of difference when it comes to writing lots of words. My only class this day was canceled, so despite sleeping in until 11 (haven’t done that in years), I managed to crank 12K words out through world wars all day.

Getting so close to reaching 50K this month!

Day 17: 2697

I didn’t start writing until 10:30pm and kept writing after midnight. Yikes. After the long day yesterday – despite having the entire day after 11am free – I just couldn’t force myself to write until late last night.

I may be taking a break from writing at 1am right now to write this post too…

Total for the week: 19,979

Total for the month: 40,202

Total for R+B: 51,421

I officially broke 50K for R+B!! The goal for this story is 70K, but especially after the past couple weeks, I’m very quickly realizing it is going to be a lot longer than 70K. It’s simply because I decided to throw too much…stuff… into the story. There’s just not enough time in 30 chapters to have both of my characters do everything they need to do.


I’m guessing R+B will be around 80K completely finished but we’ll see what happens! Overall, a great week and I’m just happy I haven’t lost motivation yet. Now, time for more tea and staying up way too late writing.

How was week 3 for you?


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  1. Florid Sword says:

    Whoo hoo! You’re getting this, Madison! Already at 50K is huge. And thanks for all the wars on day 16 😉

  2. Erin says:

    Yay, you hit your goal! NaNo is really tricky, so that is awesome! 🙂 What is word warring, by the way? It’s something I’ve always heard of but never exactly figured out what it is. Congrats btw!!

    • Madison says:

      Thank you! Word warring or word sprints are where you “battle” with other writers to reach a goal. Most of the time we sprint 10 minutes, but you can also shoot for a specific word count (100, 500, 1000 words). At the end of 10 minutes, we post our word counts on a Google hangout! It’s just a way to keep motivated since you’re writing at the same time as other writers and you can see how many words others can get in that time period too 🙂

      Thanks, Erin!

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