Snowboarding in Taos

Although one of my main focuses for the new year was only blogging about writing, I’ve branched out quite a bit from bookish posts.    It’s been a mix of photography, travel, and “lifestyle” type posts.  But I like it!

I get to share more of my life instead of only when I get a chance to write stories (and let’s be honest, it hasn’t been often recently). So all my scheduled posts for this month are both lifestyle/photography posts and writing posts.

So this is super late, but I wanted to share our most recent family trip.   In January, my family and some friends headed to New Mexico for a weekend of skiing, snowboarding, and snow – a rarity to all us southern kids!  Of course it takes several hours to get out of Texas for us, but once we were a couple hours away, the mountains came into view.


In Taos, we met up with my mom’s elementary school friend Abby who lives in New Mexico and she gave us bundles of winter clothes.  Then she took us to “the gorge,” an amazing view with a bridge running right over the Rio Grande River.

The kids even spotted a couple of goats hopping along the edge of the river.  While the parents were catching up, we took the chance to stretch our legs and take in the view.

After the gorge, we said goodbye to Abby and her family before heading to the quiet condo for the night.  It was dark by the time we got there so we unloaded all our stuff into the rooms and climbed back into the car to drive to a restaurant in Taos Valley, the actual resort area.

We left our jackets back in our rooms so we waited until the morning to explore around the fun shops Valley.   Bright and early in the morning, everyone was up and getting bundled up for skiing lessons.

The first day, we all took skiing lessons and spent the day practicing on the beginners slope.   The older boys and I were in a class together and the rest of the little kids were across the resort in the children’s school.

After a couple hours, the boys braved the green and blue slopes while I stuck to drinking hot chocolate in the cafeteria and practicing on the bunny slope.


The second day, the boys and I tried snowboarding.  While our friends were already pretty good at skiing from other trips,  they hadn’t tried snowboarding so it was fun for everyone to start at the beginning together!

Snowboarding is so much harder than skiing.  We fell SO MUCH MORE.  I thought I had broken my tailbone a couple times haha.  After a couple hours of snowboarding, I finished for the day and sat in the cafeteria with another hot chocolate to write and watch everyone else.

A little side note, always wear goggles guys.  You don’t want to spend the afternoon with eyedrops and sun-burned eyes.  But the fun thing was I got a chance to explore the Valley and neat shops while everyone was still busy with classes!

The boys made it up to a slope with a section of black.  They really picked up the speed in those boards since it’s a little harder to slow down without face planting.   And the little girls, let me tell you…they are so much braver than I am.  They went down several blues and greens after their second day of kids’ classes were finished.  I was impressed!




All in all, a fantastic few days in New Mexico with great friends.  We had a couple “home-cooked” meals in the condo for a chance to just visit with the friends.  They had a game room so we spent most of the evenings playing ping pong and darts.  We can’t wait to take another trip with friends again.

And even just sitting in the our condo with a view like that….  that scenery is just another reason God is so so good. <3



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  1. So beautiful. My family lives in Maine, so during the winter we can ski just about whenever we want. I kind of despise skiing in all its forms, so I usually end up sitting in the lodge with my computer while my sister goes up and down and up and down and *gets dizzy watching her*
    Anyways, that sounds really fun and I’m glad you got to go!

    • Oh that’s great – You guys are probably fantastic skiers! I found that after a few hours of skiing, I’m way to weak to go for the whole day haha. Thank you!

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