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NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching and there are only a couple weeks until all the writing madness begins. We all go crazy, stocking up on items for our writing survival packs (see my Camp survival kit here!) and scrambling to decide what the heck we’re going to write/edit/rewrite *see my sister’s face in the last photo for reference*.  This is the time to pull out a million character arch diagrams and outlines.

Unless you’re one of those annoying amazing people who can relax, casually think about the novel and then magically begin without any prior planning.  So jealous.

This is also the time where all the writing bloggers begin sharing their tips and plans for NaNo….and I shall join them hehe.

If you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, don’t worry!  It stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is November.  Every year, thousands of writers embark on a writing journey to write at least 50,000 words in the month of November.  Sound fun?  Or at least sound like an exciting way to spend your Thanksgiving break?

You can sign up here at! And feel free to add me as a writing buddy: maddypaddy. I’d love to see what you’re working on!

I have only “won” NaNo once. AKA written 50K words. But all the other attempts have been helpful because I can usually get something written. The fact that it happens to be November? Bonus. Even if it’s only a couple thousand words.  Which is usually is.

AND you probably guessed what my novel is this NaNo. Ah, yes, R+B. I’ll be working through this novel and hopefully will get close to finishing it.

It’s going well so far – I’ve sent 5 chapters and about 11K words out to my lovely alphas and have the other 25 chapters drafted with outline notes and various scenes I wrote out of order. If I wasn’t planning on having it finished by April, I would definitely spend the next Camp NaNo editing since I’ve been wanting to do that instead of writing a new novel.

I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be done before April!

If I happen to finish R+B during November (probablywonthappenbutiliketobeprepared), I’ll start work on The Stone Brothers in order to give myself a little break before diving into my alphas’ comments.

The Stone Brothers is a more recent creation compared to my two plots that have been around for years.  It features Elijah and Jack Stone, who accidentally become spies in the middle of a huge underground organization rivalry.  The brothers’ relationship came about after watching a few tv shows, and it’s kinda sorta similar to R+B because there’s a big focus on relationships and characters.

But The Stone Brothers will also have the underground network and tons of bad guys to deal with, so it will definitely be a different story too!

I’ve been stocking up on photos for TSB on Pinterest for when it comes time to start.  Can I just say how cool Pinterest is?  *classic girl line yes i know*

But it is seriously so awesome for writers because you can have some amazing idea and save it onto your board.  You slowly compile everything about that story while you’re busy with other projects. Then, when you actually have time for it, all the inspiration comes flying back when you scroll through all the photos.

I have had dozens of novel boards over the months and it’s one of the first things I look at if I find a writer on Pinterest.

Sooo who’s ready for NaNoWriMo this year??

What novel are you working on?  Are you writing a new draft, editing, or completely rewriting? Share your Pinterest novel board!


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  1. Florid Sword says:

    Ee, that story sounds epic too! (And I am so excited about reading R+B, BTW! It’s so good so far!)

  2. Nabila says:

    Just found your blog and followed! It’s super cute!

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