tips on keeping your blog updated

Blogs change over time. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it time and time again. They change A LOT. Your style morphs until you find your way of writing. So do your preferences for colors, fonts, and formatting.

Sometimes your blog’s focus will change too, and that’s totally fine.  I have tons of posts on here that wouldn’t be considered my “niche.” But, whatever the case, you should keep your blog updated to allow readers to see what kind of content you regularly offer.

creating new content

When you create new blog posts, pages, and categories, think is this what I normally post? If a new reader comes across your blog, they’re most likely going to see the homepage first. What are they going to see? Are they going to see related posts or a bunch of different things?

Are you a strict writing/book blogger? Or are you more of a personal blogger, sharing various aspects of your life? Whatever your position, make sure you post consistent content to keep your interested readers reading!

For example, I post about a few different categories but I try to keep within those categories: photos, writing, personal stuff, and blogging.  Although I don’t post strictly in one category, I try not to post recipes or outdoorsy tips or other randomness that I don’t promise on my “About Me” page.

Of course, it’s all right to post random ideas. But try to get an idea of what you enjoy writing about and narrow your field down to a couple of categories.

One tip: check your blog stats and see which posts receive the most views. It may help you decide on what to post if you can see what your readers love!

update your pages and sidebar

Remember to update your pages every few months. Reread your pages and tweak as necessary – for example, if your “About Me” page says you’re 16, but you just turned 15. Your “About Me” page is super important and will most likely be the 2nd thing a new reader looks at, after the home page.

Once you start making blogger friends, you might want to include a favorite blog page/widget. Or add a book progress to your sidebar. There are tons of fun widgets and pages to add! Just make sure to manage what you have 🙂

go through old posts

On my blog’s first birthday, I went through all my posts I’d published and asked myself the same question as above: how does this relate to my usual content now?

If it didn’t relate to my new content, I could rewrite parts of the posts, add some matching graphics, and simply update the post. If it really didn’t match my content nowadays, I reverted the post back to a draft for future use.

Every year or two, go through your posts and make sure they match your niche. If it’s completely unrelated, consider unpublishing the post.

As an example, I posted two school essays within the first month of having my original blog, Miss Maddy Cakes.  The reason? I knew it wasn’t something I would normally post, but I had just written them for English class, I thought they were pretty good, and I didn’t want to come up with different content.

Just don’t do that. Don’t be lazy like I was 😛 Rethink your new content, and go through old content to make sure they match.

update your graphics

Another thing that should be consistent throughout your blog is graphics.

I have recently been going through all my posts and creating new feature images for the homepage.  I chose four or five different styles with the same two colors and redid most of the images.  I still have quite a few to go, but I like how all the images match!

Find a couple of styles you like and play around with graphics. I love using Canva for this (link here), and they even have a few templates for you to use if you don’t particularly like the creative aspect of making graphics.

If you prefer to just have pictures instead of wordy images (I do if I have a particularly nice picture I don’t want to cover with words), just make sure you have awesome, good quality images.

I use Unsplash and for a lot of my images when my own don’t go with the post theme.

update your blog

We’ve talked about keeping your blog’s content updated, but what about the blog design itself? Make sure you like how your blog looks.  Along with graphics, your blog’s theme is going to draw your readers in.

Choose 1-3 colors you really love and add accents around your blog.  For me, it’s blue + yellow + black.  These colors pop up in my graphics, my header, and my sidebar.

Find some neat fonts, but don’t get too crazy. You want your reader to be able to easily read your headings.

If you want a big change, consider changing your entire theme! WordPress and Blogger have tons of free themes, or you can purchase one for pretty cheap online too. It can be hard to choose one, but it’s so much fun to give the blog a facelift every once in a while.



How do you like to update your blog? How often do you give your blog a facelift?



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  1. Nabila says:

    These are super helpful tips! I love updating my blog and I seem to do a bit everyday but I’m also that blogger that will randomly redesign her whole blog randomly. I’m trying to stop though. 🙂

    • Madison says:

      I’m the same way…I officially redesigned it for my blogiversary, but have actually changed themes/colors since then haha. 😛 Hey, if it works for you, it’s all good!

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